B2Linked Pricing

1. Account Management

Hand your account over to the hands of the pros, and free up your time for more important things. Here’s our process:

  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Creation and publishing of ads
  • Account oversight for efficiency and budget
  • Reporting, analytics, and analysis to your goals

Management Investment

$1k/mo – If the account spends less than $5k/mo
20% of Ad Spend – If the account spends over $5k/mo


2. Personalized Consulting/Training

You’re running your own LinkedIn Ads, but want to make sure you’re doing it right? AJ Wilcox will personally instruct you & your team on best practices, and efficiency tips. It’s entirely custom – you tell us what you need and we give you exactly what you need.

Consulting/Training Investment – $400/hr


3. Account Audit

You’re running your LinkedIn Ads initiatives, but want an outside perspective to find new opportunities for scale or efficiency? Great, we can help with that!

Account Audit Investment – $400/hr


4. Do-it-Yourself Courses

If you belong to the self-taught club and you champion the do-it-yourselfers, this avenue may be for you. Coming soon is a collection of online courses that will tutor you through the process of starting, maintaining, and growing your LinkedIn Advertising campaigns; revealing little known secrets that will put you ahead in the race.


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