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When AJ Wilcox began advertising on LinkedIn in 2011, he quickly discovered its powerful potential for business to business (B2B) advertisers as he built and scaled the largest enterprise ad accounts. AJ was so passionate about the results he was seeing, he left his job to start B2Linked in 2014.

B2Linked’s mission is to bring the highest performing LinkedIn Ads strategies to accounts of all sizes, and help get you the best ROI on the platform. We do that through Account Management as well as Consulting/Training.

The B2Linked team is uniquely positioned to help bring you success. Each member of the team is highly trained on getting the highest performance out of your LinkedIn Ads budget. On a platform that is both expensive and cumbersome, you’ll appreciate having a razor-sharp team driving your performance.

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Meet the B2Linked Team

AJ Wilcox


AJ Wilcox – LinkedIn Ads Expert, Founder

AJ fell in love with digital marketing back in 2007 when the entire landscape was pretty much Search marketing. He loved how digital marketing was so good at capturing intent, and simply being present with your customers when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Then at a previous company in 2011, he stumbled onto LinkedIn Ads. Within weeks, his sales reps were fighting over his leads and he realized the power of LinkedIn to drive the ideal customer to you. He went on to build that account into the largest-spending LinkedIn account worldwide.

He said about that experience, “I was absolutely slaying it on LinkedIn Ads, and no one was talking about the channel at all – like it didn’t exist! I knew there were other companies that needed to take advantage of LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn Ads are inherently more risky than other ad platforms because they’re both expensive and cumbersome, and he saw marketers and business owners testing them out and failing because of the steep learning curve and the punishing costs.

AJ left that company in 2014 to start B2Linked where he set out to make LinkedIn Ads both profitable and accessible to all companies using the strategies he’d developed on these enterprise-level accounts.

Since 2014, he’s gotten to manage, and consult for, 400+ LinkedIn Ads accounts, including half of LinkedIn’s top 10 accounts, all the way down to many of the smallest accounts, and everything in between. He’s responsible for over $130M in ad spend on the platform and loves to share his strategies he’s learned over all these accounts.

He’s the author of the LinkedIn Learning Course “Advertising on LinkedIn”, the book “LinkedIn Ads Demystified: The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Advertising”, as well as the host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast.

He loves endurance sports, anything that goes fast, and tinkering with tech projects. He lives with his wonderful wife and 4 kiddos in the state of Utah in the USA.

Cody Howell

[Director of Operations]

Cody Howell – Director of Operations

Cody is our longest-tenured team member who has been with us since 2016. He’s proven himself invaluable, both as a marketing genius, as well as a business strategist.

Hailing from Arizona, he brings the heat! After returning from an LDS religious mission in Mexico City, he became very interested in marketing. He attempted to pursue a marketing career, and quickly found that few were willing to hire someone without experience. Not to be rejected so easily, Cody, being the self-starting rockstar he is, sought out his own experience.

As a student at WGU, he learned valuable marketing tactics from his classes and applied them in his own projects. He volunteered to help friends and colleagues with digital marketing needs, and fueled those activities by watching tons of videos and reading as much content as he could find on the subject. On his own, he became AdWords certified and began offering digital marketing services to clients.

He’s a fan of Mixed Martial Arts and the great outdoors, so we wouldn’t recommend trying to nab his picnic basket while he’s enjoying nature.

He’s married to his sweetheart, and they’ve lived and traveled all around the continent together.

We’re glad to have Cody running business operations and overseeing the account management team. He’s the reason that B2Linked runs smoothly.

Jacob Haynie

[Paid Media Specialist]

Jacob Haynie – Paid Media Specialist

Jacob became fascinated by marketing while attending UVU and would start to analyze companies’ marketing efforts to try to figure out who their target audience was, and how they were messaging their value proposition.

He followed that passion by enrolling in the digital marketing program at UVU. He loves that through digital channels companies can reach, and fulfill the needs of any target audience.

He and his wife are foodies, fitness fiends, and dog lovers. You can find him at the boxing gym every day.

Tucker Evans

[Paid Media Specialist]

Tucker Evans – Paid Media Specialist

Tucker has worked in digital marketing since 2015. While attending WGU, he got a position at a social media agency. He got promoted 3 times in quick succession which allowed him to get to run Facebook ads for over 40 universities across the continent. He learned the ins and outs of Facebook and found his passion for social media ads.

After getting his degree in Marketing, he took on a new position, managing large Facebook Ads budgets, and got to learn how to run efficient campaigns at large scale. He then joined B2Linked in 2019 where he has proven invaluable at applying efficient social media ad strategies for our clients.

He’s a sports fan (especially ice hockey, college football, lacrosse, and rugby) and he and his wife and dog love to spend time together.

Eric Jones

[Paid Media Manager]

Eric Jones – Paid Media manager

Eric is a marketing strategist with a passion to create. His personal mission is to uplift, encourage, and inspire, and he does this through his interactions with people and through the content he creates. He believes that every advertisement, every branding message is a chance to make someone else’s life better. Those in business have an incredible opportunity to serve. Eric enjoys helping businesses serve their customers through the strategies and advertisements he creates.

Eric is a Marketing graduate from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University and has worked in the digital advertising space for over three years. He has provided advertising services for companies from several different industries—including insurance, education, home automation, and entertainment. He has also worked on school projects creating strategies for brands such as Marvel, Nintendo, and NBC’s The Office.

Outside of work, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife. Together, their hobbies include hiking, camping, watching movies, and playing board, card, and video games of all kinds. Eric is also currently writing a graphic novel in his spare time, which he hopes to publish when it’s completed.

We’re excited to have Eric here at B2Linked for his creativity and social media experience!