B2Linked does LinkedIn Ads(like, really freakin' good)

We help B2B brands (from Enterprise to SMB) optimize and scale their LinkedIn Ads for efficiency. Don't have the time, resources, or expertise to successfully manage it on your own? Want to avoid the embarrassment of reporting poor ad performance to your boss for the nth time? Consider booking a discovery call with us—We’d absolutely love the chance to get to work with you!

The original LinkedIn Ads agency

B2Linked is uniquely positioned to help B2B companies optimize and scale their LinkedIn Ads faster and more efficiently than any other agency, in-house team, or digital ads hire. Here’s why:

12 years of LinkedIn Ads expertise

Scientific testing methodology & data collection

Proprietary ads management tools

You Need Seasoned LinkedIn Ads Experts

You don’t need a jack-of-all trades agency. You need one that specializes. LinkedIn Ads is all we do and (after 12 years) we’ve become masters at our craft.

We’ve spent over $150M on the platform, have managed 5 of LinkedIn’s top 10 ad accounts, are official LinkedIn Marketing Partners, and have been featured across 100+ events and 200+ podcasts.

We’ve learned a thing or two about how to run an effective LinkedIn Ads strategy at scale and we’re confident we can do the same for you.

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You Need Data That Drives Decisions

You can get near-focus-group-level insights with the proper ad account and campaign setup.

With B2Linked as your partner, you can improve the efficiency of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns as we test which of your audiences, messages, and offers drive peak performance.

We also test for which days of the week and times of day performance is highest.

You then reap the rewards as we use all this data to reduce costs and maximize ROI on the LinkedIn Ads platform.

Every step of the way, you’re never left in the dark. We send weekly ad performance reports, detailing our analysis and recommendations for optimization, and make it easy for you to share reports internally with your team.

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You Need Tools That Can Execute at Scale

The data you collect to drive decisions is pretty useless without a way to make changes quickly and at scale.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t offer any sort of built-in bulk campaign creation or scheduling tools, so you miss out on opportunities to optimize by not pivoting fast enough.

Fortunately for you, we do.

Our proprietary tools are built specifically to optimize on your Enterprise-sized accounts. For SMB brands, we apply our Enterprise-level capabilities to your account. Together, we create and edit ads and campaigns in minutes—not hours or days. The only limits are what the LinkedIn platform can handle (we know, we’ve broken them before).

You can also schedule ads to run at the times of day and days of the week when ad performance is highest.

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Customer testimonials

They said it first

Bistra Angeuelova

Digital Marketing & User Acquisition, Hired

Megan Nivens-Tannett

Founder & CEO, Flourish

Grant Hibbert

Director of Marketing, Qualio

B2Linked is a really good investment. Acquiring their services really made our business a lot more efficient. It allowed us to scale our ads, as well as our company's growth. [Their] extensive knowledge was an asset, and we appreciated the security of having them as a partner.

The time invested up front with the B2Linked team significantly cut down costs in the long-run, and has already resulted in a 10X ROI for our business. We will continue to lean on B2Linked as a consultative resource and can’t recommend them enough!

I've really enjoyed working with [the B2Linked] team. Their approach to campaign architecture and audience targeting makes a lot of sense. We've been happy with the results as we've scaled up our LinkedIn program.

Pricing plans

There are two types of services we offer at B2Linked: LinkedIn Ads Account Management and Consulting.

Account Management is a great option for those who would like help managing their LinkedIn Ads, but don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to manage and optimize themselves. Access to our proprietary ads management and scheduling tools is also only available under this option.

Consulting is a great option for those who would like to run LinkedIn Ads on their own but are looking for expert advice on how to do it successfully.

See pricing options and packages below.

LinkedIn Ads account management




$3,000/month + $1000 one-time setup fee

$2,000/month + $1000 one-time setup fee

*Special discounted pricing for Enterprises + $1,000 one-time setup fee

3 month contract

3 month contract

3 month contract

Recommended monthly ad budget:$5,000 - $15,000/month

Recommended monthly ad budget:$1,000 - $5,000/month

Recommended monthly ad budget:$15,000+/month

Up to 16 campaigns

All White-Glove services, plus...

Up to 4 campaigns

Unlimited ad formats

Unlimited campaigns

Up to 2 ad formats

Up to 5 ads per campaign

2 ads per campaign

1 call/week (optional)

Ad copy (optional)

Ad copy (optional)

Hourly data sampling

Up to 4 images/month (optional)

Ad scheduling

Up to 4 images/month (optional)

Up to 4 ad refreshes/month

1 ad refresh/month

Audience segmentation strategy

Unlimited email support

1 support email/week

*Contact us for pricing details 

2 calls/month (optional)

1 call/month (optional)

Weekly ad performance report

Weekly ad performance report

ABM strategy (optional)

Retargeting strategy

LinkedIn Ads consulting





Up to 2 hours of total consulting time (can be broken up into multiple meetings)

Up to 5 hours of total consulting time (can be broken up into multiple meetings)

Expert advice from one of our Marketing Directors

Expert advice from our Founder & CEO, AJ Wilcox

Unlimited email support for up to 2 weeks

Unlimited email support for up to 1 month

About B2Linked

B2Linked was started in 2014 by AJ Wilcox, who is well known across the world for his LinkedIn Ads expertise. He's presented across 100+ stages and been featured on 200+ podcasts, showcasing advanced LinkedIn Ads strategies.

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