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Are LinkedIn Ads a Good Fit For You?

It goes without saying that LinkedIn Ads were made for B2B marketers. The capability to target based on criteria like job title, level of seniority, years of experience, company industry, etc. is unmatched. But it’s not for everyone. In our experience, there are 4...

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Revamp Your Company Page to Boost LinkedIn Ad Performance

With so many different available digital and social platforms, it may seem difficult to determine where to begin, or where to continue investing, in order to grow your brand. Yet, LinkedIn offers the greatest opportunity to build a meaningful, trusted network with...

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What Can We Expect From LinkedIn Ads During a Recession?

With talk of an oncoming recession, we at B2Linked have been reminded of a previous podcast episode on the effects COVID-19 had on LinkedIn Ads. During the pandemic, we experienced a mini recession of sorts. Though we can’t expect the exact same things to happen...

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