When researching LinkedIn Ads agencies, there will come a point when you will ask yourself the question:

“But can these guys deliver results?”

At B2Linked, we understand how important it is for a company to be credible if it’s to be considered in the decision-making process.

You want to make sure that the choice you make is a good one and that whichever agency you choose will meet expectations.

That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of some of our top customer reviews, to give you a better idea of the results we’ve driven and for what types of businesses.

Have a look!


Customer Reviews




Founded: 2012 (Acquired by Vettery and the Adecco Group in 2020)

Industry: Recruiting Software

Website: https://hired.com/

Case Study: https://b2linked.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Hired-Case-Study.pdf


“B2Linked is a really good investment. Acquiring their services really made our business a lot more efficient. It allowed us to scale our ads, as well as our company’s growth. [Their] extensive knowledge was an asset, and we appreciated the security of having them as a partner.”

Bistra Angeuelova

Digital Marketing & User Acquisition


“At Hired, we ran the 3rd largest LinkedIn account in the world, and we would not have been able to do it without B2Linked’s support. [The B2Linked] team is amazing! They afforded us the opportunity to get out of the day-to-day and focus more on the high-level strategy that helped us move the needle.”

Tyler Jordan

Head of Search & Display




Founded: 2017 (Acquired by Planful in 2022)

Industry: Software Development

Website: https://planful.com/

Case Study: https://b2linked.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Plannuh-Case-Study.pdf


“It has been a pleasure working with [the B2Linked] team. We created a marketing machine with our LinkedIn advertisement. B2Linked is attentive, quick to implement changes, bring fresh ideas to the table, while also holding themselves accountable. Our opportunity creation and marketing sourced revenue rely heavily on the success of this channel so we are grateful we have been able to scale this – especially during our busy season!”

Kelsey Krapf

Senior Global Demand Gen Manager




Founded: 2012

Industry: Software Development

Website: https://www.qualio.com/

Case Study: https://b2linked.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Qualio-Case-Study.pdf


“I’ve really enjoyed working with [the B2Linked] team. Their approach to campaign architecture and audience targeting makes a lot of sense. We’ve been happy with the results as we’ve scaled up our LinkedIn program.”

Grant Hibbert

Director of Marketing




Founded: 2018

Industry: Advertising Services

Website: https://www.flourishconsultingservices.com/


“We first engaged with B2Linked while at the Social Media Marketing World Conference in 2022 and were instantly impressed with the depth of knowledge AJ had around LinkedIn advertising and its true potential. As a full service marketing and public relations firm, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help our clients unveil new business development opportunities, differentiate themselves among a sea of competitors trying to gain market share as well as identify new ways to recruit – and retain – their industry’s top talent.

By using the tips gained from AJ and leveraging his team for ongoing consultative services, we were able to build out campaigns with a strong foundation from the start, which helped us reduce time to gain traction, eliminate excess costs associated with ineffective ad strategies and pinpoint the right audiences to target at the right time. In addition to helping us with numerous campaigns, their hands-on approach to working with our team allowed multiple employees to sharpen their LinkedIn advertising skills[…]The time invested up front with the B2Linked team significantly cut down costs in the long-run, and has already resulted in a 10X ROI for our business. We will continue to lean on B2Linked as a consultative resource and can’t recommend them enough!”

Megan Nivens-Tannett

Founder & CEO




Founded: NA

Industry: Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Website: NA


“We started consulting with B2Linked back in 2020 to better our internal LinkedIn services both on paid advertising as well as social posting. Despite being in the middle of the pandemic, B2Linked provided an exceptional 1-on-1 customer service and attention to detail that immediately led to accelerated metrics across the board for our brand. We learned so much in a few short sessions that had us wishing we had started sooner. Fast forward over 2 years later and we still consult with B2Linked. Our representative Parker has gone above and beyond for us on every occasion. He has coached us through problems and low performing metrics, through future strategies that LinkedIn themselves are not aware that they offer. We all make a joke that we go to B2Linked with questions FAR BEFORE we ever ask corporate LinkedIn. Because of B2Linked we feel that we genuinely have our own team of ads experts that can help us problem solve and beat the curve on upcoming ads strategies and stay successful in an ever-changing marketplace. As I mentioned before, we only wish we would have started with them earlier, the value they bring has changed the course of our LinkedIn forever.”


Marketing Manager


Social Finance


Founded: 2011

Industry: Non-profit Organizations

Website: https://socialfinance.org/


“[The team at] B2Linked was a joy to work with. [They were] so knowledgeable about LinkedIn ad targeting and performance and [were] always super responsive over the course of our three-month campaign. [They] expertly compiled weekly and monthly reports of our ad campaigns and had great ideas for catchy ad copy that would resonate with our target audiences. We love [B2Linked] and look forward to working with [them] on our next LinkedIn campaign!”

Jenny Zhao

Associate Director, Communications


Now What?


Though this isn’t an exhaustive list, we hope it helps paint a clearer picture of the types of clients we work with best, the results that we’ve driven for them, and how others value our services.

If you want to maximize your return by minimizing waste within your LinkedIn Ads account, consider booking a discovery call with us at B2Linked.

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