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LinkedIn Pages just got another major update and advertisers are going to be excited. Why? Let’s find out.

Welcome to the LinkedIn Ads Show. Here’s your host, AJ Wilcox.

Hey there LinkedIn Ads fanatics, on May 12, of 2020, LinkedIn Pages just got a major update. So I brought Ting Ba who is over pages at LinkedIn back onto the podcast to tell us about them. We talk about LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Events, and especially how advertisers are going to get to use them. Let’s hit it.

Alright, Ting Ba I’m so excited to have you back on the podcast. It’s actually been six months or more since we chatted last time, but our listeners will know you from the episode that aired just about a month ago. So listeners make sure you understand, this isn’t us having a conversation a month after, it’s been quite a bit and really excited to go over the new product releases from Pages. For those of you who don’t remember or maybe didn’t catch Ting’s episode, she leads Product Marketing for LinkedIn Pages at LinkedIn. So this is fantastic. There’s plenty of crossover into the ad side of the business. But anything you do with organic, you’ll really appreciate that as well. So Ting, thank you so much for joining. We’re excited to have you here.

Thank you. Thank you so much, AJ. I’m so excited to be here today.

Well, this is awesome to have you talking. I mean, just barely, barely, all of these new changes rolled out. I know you’re on a quarterly release schedule. So this is a big deal. I’ve been waiting for working towards this for quite a while. First off, catch us up on what’s changed since we spoke at the end of 2019. You know, from the last podcast episode.

Well, you know, not much has really changed in the world. I mean, just kidding right? A lot has happened since then!

You know, just gotta take a step back and just kind of outside of LinkedIn, like what’s been happening in the world. A lot has changed. I mean just to start with, you know, the spread of Coronavirus. That has literally impacted every single one of us on a deeply personal level, like not just in the United States, but across the world. And you know, I’d say just to start, we’ve all had to adjust, right, just sheltering in place, working from home. So that’s like, just as a basic start. And this is something that’s not only impacted like us every single day, but it also affects our customers, right? Our customers being those that want to advertise and promote their products to specific audiences. It makes it very hard for them primarily because actually Events is one of the best ways for brands to actually build relationships. It’s real time and it’s in real life. And I’d say one of the biggest impacts we’ve seen is that people are no longer able to actually get together with people in real life because it’s not safe. And so one thing we’ve been really focusing on is helping our brands to bring their professional communities together and stay connected even during these times. And so that’s something that we’ve seen really shift on in our macro environment. It’s something we’ve worked very hard to adjust to it. and deliver to our customers. So you heard loud and clear, because it’s something they really need and want.

And I’m assuming I mean, I saw LinkedIn totally turn on a dime. As soon as the COVID stuff happened, your product roadmap totally changed towards things that are going to help now rather than you know, what we’ve been planning for the last year. Can you describe what what was that process? Like, as soon as you realize there’s a world crisis going on, we need to change the direction of our product entirely.

That’s a really great question, AJ. And I would say it’s probably been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my career. So it was I would say, you know, high stress and high demand because not only were we pivoting all to working from home and trying to figure out school care at the same time and trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the roadmap, it was very clear that there was a lot of value we could add at this moment. Our customers are largely B2B brands at LinkedIn. And a lot of them were finding that their events right which are the actual most effective channel for marketers to get in front of their target audiences. These events suddenly they had to be canceled right at the last minute because people can’t get together in person. And yet these events are highly important that he still needs to do it. And they still needed to bring their community together. And so the more we talk to our customers, the more we realized that there was a true opportunity for us to launch a virtual events portfolio sooner rather than later. And so I’m very proud of our team. Everyone from our design team, to our engineering teams, a product for really rallying together, and really accelerating and building the solution within just two months. I’m very excited to announce that, you know, we have not only one, we have two solutions, to help our customers drive impact with their target audiences. And also, AJ you touched upon a really good point earlier, which is that the world that I manage is organic solutions. So what brands can do for free on our platform today, I do want to really emphasize that in the coming month, there’s going to be opportunities to drive more than just organic opportunities, but sponsorship opportunities as well for brands can essentially retarget people who attend their events or perhaps invite people beyond their you know, Page followers or the personal connections, and so a real chance for scale. And that’s coming in the following months. And I’m happy to give you a bit more of a preview into our roadmap.

And this is so exciting to me. I mean, obviously, the the interplay of how we can start to use this in an ad format within campaign manager is really exciting to me and and this audience, specifically, one of the biggest announcements that you made this last week was about LinkedIn live. So can you tell us what is new and what’s changed since this quarterly product release?

Of course, I’m happy to do so AJ. And actually, before we go down into the path of live or LinkedIn events, I first want to take a step back and share that what we have to offer folks is actually not just one solution, but actually a portfolio of solutions that can help brands find their voice and also stay connected to their community on LinkedIn. And so depending on what your objective is, there’s different solutions for you. So say for example, you’re trying to drive top-level awareness. If that’s the case, then what I recommend is actually leveraging LinkedIn Live because live is really all about driving viewership, right? Anyone could discover your live stream. And actually live streams have the ability to go viral. So LinkedIn Live is really best when you’re trying to get in front of new audiences and build your brand. Now, if you’re trying to really drive more mid-funnel marketing campaigns, you’re trying to nurture audiences who are already familiar with your brand. This is where LinkedIn Events come in. Because you can invite very specific people to attend your event, and only those who say they’re going to tend to view it. And so that’s why there’s different solutions depending on your objectives. That’s key to know. Now that you understand kind of the landscape, I can then talk more about each feature in and of itself. So starting first with LinkedIn Live, right we know this is not new. We talked about this during, you know, my last appearance on the podcast. It remains one of our most beloved features on Pages. People love being able to go live with new audiences on our platform. And it’s incredibly discoverable and can go viral. So great for top funnel marketing. Some top use-cases we’ve seen since we’ve talked, especially during this kind of COVID. We’ve seen brands really leverage live to host q&a with their leadership, so they can share what their team is thinking right now about the overall COVID environment, how it’s impacting them. And also hosting panel discussions with guests. So they can talk about key industry topics. So those are kind of things, the trends we’re seeing lately with live. Now, as far as new features we’ve launched over the past quarter, there’s a couple of new things we added based on feedback, we’ve heard directly from advertisers that will really help them. And these will not only help brands make the most of the live stream, but it will help them to actually make those live streams a lot more valuable, even after it’s over. And so first up, I’d love to talk about a feature that actually helps brands extend their reach beyond their immediate page following. And this feature is around embedded URLs, which essentially allows you to take an embedded URL, and then post it to your company’s site, so that you can simultaneously stream for both your company website, as well as the LinkedIn platform. So this streaming is really going to help you extend your viewership because you’re literally streaming from two locations at the same time. This is something we heard from a lot of people, that would be a really important thing to include. So we’ve watched that over the past couple months. So that’s exciting to know. Another feature I want to share with you, this one’s actually more about driving engagement with folks and creating great content long after your live stream is over. And this is all about our trimming feature. So this feature is super cool. Basically brands with this feature, they can easily edit their live stream once it’s done. So they can like create a highlight reel, right, which they can use to promote their broadcasts long after it’s done and maybe generate interest for people to attend in for the next live stream. And you know, lastly, to help draw attention to all the great video content that brands are creating, we’ve actually launched a new video tab on LinkedIn pages, right, so it’s brand new, dedicated tab, or brands can host all their video content. And actually, as I mentioned earlier, with a trimming feature, you can easily create a highlight reel. I highly recommend using this feature to create a highlight reel and actually pinning it to the top of your video tab. So that it’s top of mind when people visit your video tab for the first time. It’ll get people excited about the fact that you’re doing live streams that you can drive more viewership to the next one you do. So that’s essentially what’s new with LinkedIn Live?

These are awesome features. I’m curious, for those who might be interested in LinkedIn Live either personally or from their page, what’s the process to apply? And what does it actually like to start using it?

It’s a great question. You know, we get this question all the time, because it sounds great in terms of a concept, but how do you actually get started. And so there’s a couple steps involved. First step, you have to apply in order to livestream. And you can very easily access the application, either Google LinkedIn Live and you know, one of the first things to come up is a link to apply. And once you apply, you’ll hear back within a week about whether your application is approved or not. Some common questions I get here is, you know, what is your what are the requirements in order to livestream? So generally speaking, you know, we try to keep the bar pretty, you know, I’d say, pretty fair, right? And so you need at least 1000 followers, so that when you do live stream, there is an audience right? We do expect that you have used organic video at least a couple times because if you never use video, it’s very hard to go from no usage to suddenly live streaming. So those are those are the general requirements. And then once you are approved, you’ll get an email with a list of resources tohelp you get started, which include the link to our best practices landing page that has a playbook. It has examples of how other brands have gone live by industry, and a whole wealth of resources to help you get started. And so that’s the second step. And then once you read all those resources, it’s time to actually go live. And there’s actually a lot of help that we provide on how to actually do your very first live stream from helping you select the right partner to partner tool to integrate with, we also have really great customer service to help you in case you run into some trouble. And so we’re here for you. Because we know like, live streaming, especially from home is not easy. So we make sure that we provide the support you need.

That’s wonderful. And I know when I very first started going live, there were no partners that had any sort of free integration. You were kind of stuck with it with a paid solution of some kind. And then I saw that restream came in with a freemium. So you can actually We go live for free on LinkedIn, which is really cool.

Yeah, absolutely. So I don’t know, are there other partners who are kind of moving towards that that freemium kind of model? Or is restream currently the the lowest cost way to stream?

You know, that’s a great question. Each of our partners actually has, you know, different pricing models, different customer support models, different features. And so I highly recommend you check out our LinkedIn live best practices page, because actually there is we’re going to, you’re going to find what we’ve put together, which essentially is like a cheat sheet or battle card, if you will, of where each brand plays in terms of pricing and in terms of support, etc. So you can kind of see what works best for you. Because depending on your objectives, depending on your budget, depending how frequently you go live, there’s going to be there’s going to be a specific solution that’s going to be best for you. No one size fits all. So I highly recommend you check out our cheat sheet on that so you can make an informed decision on which partner you work with.

Cool, I want to check out the cheat sheet for sure. I’ve worked with some streaming partners who support iOS devices, but not Android, some that are PC only, some that kind of do all of them.

Some are mobile best, some are desktop best. And so definitely take a look at we break it all down for you. So you can make an assessment for yourself, which one you think would work best.

So specifically to our audience of advertisers, we’re going to be really excited about how we can leverage these LinkedIn events through a campaign manager through any sort of LinkedIn advertising. Can you tell us how can we leverage events now through the ad platform?

It’s a great question. And I have to say, just as a way to start, we’re very, very excited about what events can do for advertisers. And we’re hard at work to build out a more long term roadmap, so more to come on that. But in the near term, if advertisers want to promote events and get the right audiences to attend, what they can do is they can post about their event on their page and then sponsor that post with their target audiences. They can target people that look like your page followers or page visitors today, to make sure even more people are made aware of the event. So that’s one of the things people can do in the near term. And there’s a lot more to come on our monetization roadmap.

Yes. excited for that!

Me too.

I think a lot of advertisers are interested in what sort of data they can get from events. I know earlier, you mentioned that there might be a possibility at some point of being able to retarget attendees. What does that data look like? And I think advertisers will also be interested in the lead gen form integration, so maybe collecting more data than they would get natively?

Yeah, it’s a great question. It’s something we hear about often because people really want deeper insights on audiences that are attending to events, who are they and how do I best communicate with them. And so I can share with you that to start with the most recent launch, after you host your event, you’ll be able to see a list of everyone who attended, which is an awesome preview into what kind of audience are most interested in captivated by your brand and by your content? Now looking forward into the future right into the near future? We will have opportunities to integrate lead gen forms, as also as well as allows you retarget your audiences based on specific profile demographics. And so you’ll get deeper insights into their professional profile, such as their job function level of seniority, etc. So this is coming in the near future, and immediately you’ll be able to see who attended your event. So those are the insights you can look forward to now as well as in more of a long term future.

And so when we find out who attended, is it just first name last name? Or will we get something like, first name, last name, profile URL? Is there something like that?

Yeah, it’s a great question to start. It’s really you just see who attended. Their name and essentially, you can look at their profile if you’d like. But essentially, what you get to start is essentially like the person who attended their first name and last name, but because this is just the beginning for us, and we’re all about adding value. We’re committed to being agile and our roadmap, we’re going to continue to add things that make it easier for brands target their audiences. So as I already mentioned, the integration with campaign manager, you know, be able to retarget each and forms this will all add deeper insights and it’s all on our near term roadmap. Wonderful.

When can we expect to see this is this 100% rollout as of last last week, is this something that is just starting to roll out now? Who has access to events? And how can you log into their page and see whether or not they have access?

Yeah, what a great question. So I would say this is a bit untraditional of a launch for us at least at Pages. Usually we do some testing, we’ll roll it out in phases. But because we realize that this is such a key feature that our audiences really want from us, we want to make sure we get into everyone’s hands as soon as possible. So actually, we launched last week to the broader pages community. And so you guys should all have access to host an event. If you go to your page, you’ll see options. You should actually just in the feed to see perhaps invites to events or events that are have already happened. And so I highly encourage you to check it out. Start playing around with it. And so everyone has opportunity to access and in terms of what you can do organically, which is essentially creating an event making it public or private, in finding your page followers or first degree profile connections. Those are all things that you can do in the immediate near term. You can do this right now today, but in terms of the monetization opportunities, that’s coming as a fast follow. And so as I mentioned, this is just the beginning or ganic start and very soon there’s going to be opportunities to sponsor your event, drive broader reach, get better information on attendees, retarget them drive outcomes prove ROI. All that’s coming. So you know, that’s important.

Perfect. So everyone, you heard Ting, this is rolled out to your profile right now. So go and take advantage of it. One thing I’m really excited about from an advertising perspective, is to try running something like a webinar through this. So if we test just normal webinar type offer on sponsored content, and then you test running through through an event specific post. I’m curious to see if that changes click through rates, because it’s so new and novel.

Yeah, and I love what you brought up webinars AJ, because as we really built this product, I had a lot of time to talk to event marketers. Event marketers is a really like umbrella term for a lot of different types of marketers, that would include, you know, demand generation marketers and includes traditional event marketers and includes talent branders you know, really all different types of marketers and one thing I’ve heard consistently is that being able to provide education on whether it’s company culture, or perhaps a product, that’s really, really key, right? That’s a large reason why people do webinars in the first place and why they host events in the first place. It’s either educate existing customers or bring folks further down the funnel. Now, one gap we saw on my research of over 80 different event marketers is that people are really craving a more modern environment in which to broadcast. One where there’s opportunity to engage more deeply. And currently, a lot of webinar software doesn’t allow for that. Some of them just feel perhaps that they haven’t been updated in a bit and perhaps being able to broadcast in a much more captive professional environment would really, really kickstart on the engagement. And so I think we can really serve a lot of customers in this area. So webinars is something that we did that have a functionality is something we’re going to be focusing on in the near future.

I could almost see being able to run a webinar directly from LinkedIn live and not even worrying about having something like an ON24 or a Zoom to put the webinar on for you, so you’ve really given us a lot of tools so that as advertisers. This is awesome.

Yes. And one thing I will encourage, you know, just throughout this whole process, we are committed to being agile on the roadmap. So please test. Test it out, try out an event for your own business, invite people whether it’s a community gathering or a webinar that you’re doing. Because then whatever your experiences, you can give us a feedback, we can make it better based on what you shared with us. And in terms of top use cases you can consider for LinkedIn Events, we really anticipate that there’s going to be some use cases that will stand out above others. The first of which is, as you mentioned earlier, AJ product demos, right? Product demos webinars are a great way to help your customers better understand what you’re building, and that’s really a perfect use case for LinkedIn Events. Another great use case would be for talent branding. And so for example, you know, you have a highly coveted role. You have a lot of top candidates, you want to bring further down into the funnel. What you could do is host a q&a with a hiring manager. And of course, account based marketing, ABM. That’s a really great use case for LinkedIn Events. Actually, I have a great example to share. Even though we just launched recently, we’ve had a chance to test this out interanlly quite a few times. LinkedIn marketing solutions, a couple of weeks ago, we held our own event. Actually, it was an ABM based event where we targeted specific customers. And we held a webinar about just how to think about marketing strategies at a time of COVID. And even though, you know, this is an early test, we got over 1,700 registrations. And I think the most important part of all this is that the event was about an hour and a half. But the average watch time was literally an hour. So that’s incredible that people stayed for like 56 minutes to tune into our event. And I think this really just goes to show that this is an incredible tool for mid funnel education. Because it’s incredibly hard to get people to sit still and listen right for even 20 minutes. The fact that they stayed for an hour means that you’re really like, this is a platform where audiences are captive and you can get in front of the exact right people so that your payoff is incredible. If you get a one hour of someone else’s time, that is an incredible success. And this is like with a lot large amount of attendees. And so this is just one proof point of many to come that like for, you know, B2B brands that are focused on educating and mid funnel objectives. LinkedIn events is an incredible, incredible thing to use. And you know, it’s organic to start. You can you can test it out and see how it works out for you. And as a fast follow, we’ll have leaad gen forms retargeting all these different kinds of things. And so now is the time to really test and build out your strategy. So you can think about application later on.

Awesome. I know all of our advertisers are salivating right. I want to take a quick sponsor break here real fast, and then we’ll jump right back in to have you talk about the video tab.

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All right, Ting, tell us about the new video tab.

I’d be happy to. So we’re very excited to announce that we’re launching a brand new tab on every LinkedIn page. So with a dedicated tab for all things video, and this is really in response to the fact that video is the fastest growing content type on our platform. Members love consuming video on LinkedIn. And so definitely having a dedicated tab or all of your awesome video content can be highlighted was something people have been wanting for a while and we’re really glad that we’re launching it now. And you know, with this video tab, what you can do is actually pin your key video content to the very top so it gets more of a spotlight. And something I recommended earlier right that you can do with any LinkedIn live stream is you can now easily trim write your live stream into shorter pieces and create like a highlight reel. And so for those who are trying to trying to drive more viewers to your LinkedIn live or even your LinkedIn events, simply, you know, create that highlight, highlight reel and pin it to the top of your video chat. So anyone who visits for the first time, they’re going to see what you’re all about. And they’re going to get really excited to watch the next one helping you drive up viewership organically.

Beautiful. And then how long are these video assets going to live there? Is there like a six month shelf life to them? Is it indefinite?

It’s indefinite. That’s a great question because it’s actually something that will live indefinitely. There is no expiration date. You can easily review the video we feel like it’s no longer relevant. It’s up to you what you curate, but there is no expiration date on these videos.

Okay, so I know this is outside of your area. But I’m really curious, is there any sort of plan for a video tab on personal profiles as well as the company or is this company only at this point.

At this point is company only but I love that idea or individuals on our profile. So it’s something I may share back with the the team that builds that.

Please share away that’d be awesome. And then you mentioned as part of the announcement, we saw there’s a custom announced banner at the top of pages. Is this different from a pinned post? Is this different from just the background of the company page? How does this look? How can we think about this?

Yes, that’s a great question. And I’m excited to talk about this one, too. So our custom announced banner is down from a pinned post. Just to take a step back, you know, this quarter, we felt it was very important to help brands uplevel their most important messages that they want to share with their community. And so that’s what this custom announcement banner is all about, is allows you to share the most critical and timely updates to the top of your page. So your community can stay updated on key topics like important hiring decisions, how you’re shifting your operating priorities, or just overall how you’re protecting your workforce. And so this is actually something we feel is very important. And so that’s why we’ve launched it. And you’ll also notice that in addition to this custom announcement banner, there’s actually another option that people have when it comes to their custom CTA button, which is now allowing you to include a volunteer button on so you can help nonprofits or organizations that need help at this moment. So just a couple things are doing And help to help a response to kind of like this macro environment around COVID.

Oh, that’s amazing. And this was rolled out specifically for COVID. But I could see this being really useful even after the COVID crisis is over.

I really think you’re right about that. I think time will only tell but we foresee this continuing to be used after after COVID. And after, perhaps we’re no longer sheltering in place. It may still be COVID related for a while, but I think it’s going to continue to be very important when it comes to job opportunities and letting people know what the opportunities are more easily, or even just spotlight key initiatives that you’re doing to, you know, to help kind of on a more macro level, I think this is going to be really important because I think what people really need in a time, like this is just a quick way to understand what are the most important things to know. And I think there’s this customer announcement banner, it just gets people to highlight right away.

And this banner, is it like an overlay kind of like a pop up? Does it sit at the top of the feed content?

Yeah. It sits at the top of the feed content, and so it’s going to be highly, highly visible when people visit your page for the first time.

So if you have a let’s say, we have one of those highlight reels pinned, this would show up right above the pinned post. Is that right?

That’s right. That’s right.

Love it! When you mentioned the volunteer button, how should advertisers look to potentially leverage that? What does it take to get access to that button? And is this going to continue living past the COVID situation?

It’s a great question. And what I’ll share just more like just taking a step back, but I’ll share more broadly is that, as of today, all pages have an option to add a custom call to action button or a CTA button. And there’s multiple options you have such as try now, learn more, and it’ll take you to a dedicated landing page that that an advertiser can choose him or herself. And this is an incredibly powerful tool because every single week, 4 million members click on this so you get a lot of information. And you also get analytics on who is clicking. And so this is an incredible free tool for you to basically drive bottom funnel conversion. But additionally, due to what’s happening in the macro environment, we’ve introduced a new volunteer CTA button to help nonprofits ask members to volunteer for their causes. And so this button is specifically available for nonprofits. And we think that in addition to offering just general options for businesses to drive bottom of funnel conversion, we think it’s equally important to drive action with nonprofits. And so nonprofit specifically will have this additional option of recruiting volunteers.

And so in the case of a nonprofit, they could have both a custom CTA button and the volunteer button. It’s just additional real estate for them.

They actually can pick. So essentially, they can pick one option,/ So they can pick from like six different options versus five. They wouldn’t have two, they would just be able to change their CTA button to specifically indicate that they’re looking for volunteers.

Okay, I think we covered the announcement really well. But I’m really curious to ask you, what are you most excited about either personally or professionally right now?

Professionally, I’m very excited and proud that we launched LinkedIn virtual events last week. As I mentioned, It’s been a real highlight, I think the biggest highlight of my career to be able to work with such a great team of launches in such a quick amount of time, we really wanted to make sure we met customers where they were, and they really wanted to continue to host their events and stay connected. And so we really rallied to make sure we could launch it in a short period of time. And so I’m just so proud of the team and excited and that this is launched, and I cannot wait to see how you all use it. I want to see how people are bringing a professional community together on LinkedIn, I imagine there’s going to be a lot of unique and compelling stories coming out of this. And I can’t wait to highlight those stories. I think the more examples we get, the more people will be using it. And I just, I can’t wait to see how it’s being used to market. And in terms of things I’m excited about personally, you know, it’s interesting, because it’s been quite the same for me as for everyone else. It’s been a pretty interesting past couple months. I have two children, one that’s two years old and one that’s five years old, and both of them no longer are in school or no longer do we have childcare and so at first it was very painful to be a parent and also have to figure out homeschooling and child care. But I really learned to actually let go and not have a regimented schedule and not really care if their learning traditionally, and just focus on having time as a family. And the other day, my daughter was telling me that she’s been having more fun than she’s ever had when she was in school. And I know that in like, a couple years, maybe a decade, right, she’s gonna look back. And this is going to be like a highlight for her. Maybe one of the best times ever like that she remembers spending a lot of time with her family. So I try to look for the silver lining in that we can all be together. I know that we’re very fortunate for that. So I’m very happy about that. Personally, I just want to send peace and love to everyone in the world.

Well, thanks for those vibes. That’s awesome. And we’ve got our four kids at home. My poor wife is facing exactly the same thing.

I will say we’re finding that same silver lining and I just hope I realize a lot of people have kind of put traditional education on the backburner because it’s just not happening. like as if they were in school, but I really hope this spurs a lot ofkids into learning about what their interests are and diving into new things that they wouldn’t have learned in the classroom. So I’m excited for that. Okay, I’ve got the episode resources for you coming right up, so stick around.

Thank you for listening to the LinkedIn Ads Show. Hungry for more? AJ Wilcox, take it away.

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