When we talk with B2B marketers ready to outsource their LinkedIn Ads management to an agency, they’ve typically narrowed it down to two options: Impactable and B2Linked.


The question we often get asked on sales calls is: Which of you is better?


While we pride ourselves in the quality of LinkedIn Ads management services we provide, we recognize that Impactable is also one of the best in the industry.


In short, we don’t believe either one of us is better than the other.


A better question to ask would be: How are you different?


Our hope in publishing this article is to provide you with enough information to make a clear and informed decision—one that will best meet the needs of your business.


Let’s dive in.




Founded: 2018


Located: San Antonio, Texas


Top Clients: Altium, Bulk Bookstore, Inner Onion


Pricing: Starting at $649/month


Website: https://impactable.com/


Impactable (formerly known as LinkNLearn) was founded by Justin Rowe and acquired in 2021.


Justin boasts a 100% job success rate (out of 315+ total jobs) on Upwork and is Expert-Vetted on the platform for his knowledge of LinkedIn Ads.


Impactable caters to small and mid-sized companies.


The company is most known for its 6-month, multi-layered LinkedIn Ads retargeting strategy, stating that in the retargeting stage is where most conversions take place.


In addition to LinkedIn Ads management, Impactable also offers Google Ads management services, Website Visitor Identification technology, and LinkedIn ad scheduling and reporting tools.




Founded: 2014


Located: Lehi, Utah


Top Clients: Hired, Indeed, CBS


Pricing: Starting at $2,000/month


Website: https://b2linked.com/


B2Linked was founded by AJ Wilcox, who pioneered LinkedIn Ads and has taken to stages across the country to present on advanced LinkedIn Ads strategy.


Some of these venues include Social Media Marketing World, HubSpot’s INBOUND, MarketingProfs’s B2B Forum, and more.


The company has worked with businesses of all sizes, including 5 of LinkedIn’s top 10 largest accounts, and has managed over $150M in ad spend to date.


B2Linked’s process revolves around efficiency—reducing wasted ad spend in order to maximize return on the platform.


The company also offers LinkedIn ad scheduling, bulk ads management, and reporting tools.


Which is Right for You?


If you’re a small- to medium-sized business looking for LinkedIn Ads services at an affordable price, or are looking for both LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads management services, then Impactable may be the right fit for you.


On the other hand, given our experience engineering scalable LinkedIn Ads strategies for enterprises, no matter the size of your company, we bring the same level of sophistication to your LinkedIn Ads account.


In addition, we know you’re pressured to make every dollar count on the platform. The emphasis of our LinkedIn Ads approach is to maximize your return by reducing wasted ad spend. If this is something you value, then B2Linked may be the right fit for you.


Though there are a lot of similarities between Impactable and B2Linked, we hope this post has been valuable to you in making a more informed decision.


If you want to make the most of your LinkedIn Ads budget, consider booking a discovery call with us at B2Linked.


We’d absolutely love the chance to get to work with you!