#LinkedInAds Did You Know?

Did you know that despite LinkedIn Ads costs per click averaging 3-8X more than #FacebookAds for B2B, they result in average Cost Per SQL that are HALF of Facebook?

In Facebook, the magic is in the machine learning finding the right people, but it doesn’t know the signals that we need for B2B (title, seniority, industry, company size, etc). Despite it being (in my opinion) the most advanced ad platform on the planet, the lack of B2B datapoints means that sales teams end up throwing out 85%+ of the leads for being unqualified.

On LinkedIn, the magic is in the targeting instead. This results in us being able to drive leads from the EXACT types of professionals who would make perfect customers for us. When targeting is done intelligently, sales disqualifies 5% or fewer of the leads.

Pro Tip: Rather than creating few large campaigns on LinkedIn, create many tight target audiences on LinkedIn (20k-80k in size) to get the benefit of sculpting lead quality and learning the behavioral nuances to your ideal customers.

Bonus Pro Tip: The week that Facebook goes down and disappoints everyone, that’s a good time to dump on them 🙂

🌈 The More You Know…