#LinkedInAds Did You Know?

Did you know that on LinkedIn you can exclude specific companies from seeing your ads?

Click fraud is such a problem for everyone in Search. When I used to run Google Ads for clients, it was so upsetting when competitors searched for their keywords, and when they saw a competitor’s ads, they clicked on them to charge their competitor money.

Clients would constantly ask, “Can we stop showing our ads to our competitors?” and I had to say no. Click fraud is just part of the process with paid search.

With LinkedIn Ads, on the other hand, it’s so much fun. We collect a list of the client’s top competitors, and we exclude those companies from our targeting. Their competitors are totally in the dark and none the wiser.

Pro Tip: Use those same company exclusions to keep your current customers from seeing your ads. If they’re already paying you money, you probably don’t want to keep paying to re-acquire their clicks.

🌈 The More You Know…