#LinkedInAds Did You Know?

Did you know that on LinkedIn Ads you can target the members of certain groups?!
(Facebook advertisers are salivating right now)

When you target by job title, you can get access to people based on their role (obvi). When you target by skill, you can get up to 50 traits they’ve listed, but they can be pretty broad. But…

When someone goes out of their way to join a group about a specific topic, it shows a HIGH degree of interest in that topic. Plus not everyone joins groups on LinkedIn so you’ll get more active users of the platform.

Let’s say I want to target a specific type of developer – one with a ReactJS specialty:

⛔ Job Title – Not helpful because even those that specialize in React will most likely just have the title “Front-end Web Developer” or “Javascript Engineer”.

⛔ Skill – A developer with even a passing familiarity with React might claim it as one of their 50 skills, but you might be reaching someone who’s actually a back-end developer, etc.

🙌 Group – Very helpful! If they joined a group specifically around ReactJS, chances are they are a heavy user and involved in the community. This is a winning target for this type of audience.

🦾Pro Tip🦾: When targeting groups, you may find that you get small audience sizes and it can be hard to get enough people to make the audience worthwhile. As you target individual group names, LinkedIn will suggest 20 groups. Once you’ve gone through those, it won’t continue to suggest new groups. So instead run through the alphabet like “react a”, “react b”, “react c”, etc in order to get all the additional suggestions since you’ll want more than 20 groups in your targeting.

🌈 The More You Know…

What results have you seen when incorporating group targeting into your campaigns? Or now that you know you can, what plans do you have to incorporate them?