How do you know if your video ads are costing too much on #LinkedInAds? I’ve got a formula that I think you’ll like.

When you’re running video ads, LinkedIn will give you the default Cost Per View (CPV), but I think most will agree that since a “View” just means it sat on someone’s screen for 2 seconds, that’s not a great metric for showing interest in your brand.

So is there a better metric to track? I think so!

My team started basing video costs on a Cost Per 50% View.

If your videos are longer, you’ll naturally see a higher cost. If your videos are boring you’ll definitely see a higher cost. But we’ve found this to be a much better measure.

If you export to Excel, this is easy to calculate (Total Spent / Views @ 50%) but if you stay in Campaign Manager, you have to do this calculation manually.

We’ve found averages to sit around $2-4, but have seen as low as $.21 when the video creative is amazing!

Have you found a metric that you like to use to evaluate video consumption?

📈 Happy #MetricMonday! What metric do you want me to tackle next?

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AJ Wilcox
Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast, Founder B2Linked