With so many different available digital and social platforms, it may seem difficult to determine where to begin, or where to continue investing, in order to grow your brand. Yet, LinkedIn offers the greatest opportunity to build a meaningful, trusted network with consumers.

Establish credibility, relationships, and get the word out about your products or services on the most business-friendly platform. LinkedIn Ads is one sure-fire way of accomplishing this.

But did you know that, even if you’re not running LinkedIn Follower Ads, audience members can still click to your LinkedIn company page from your ads? Just as optimizing your landing page and offer are important to LinkedIn Ad success, making sure your company page is up-to-standard should also be a priority.

Learn what it takes to set up a strong company page and how to boost your ad performance along with it.


How to Build a Strong Company Page


Step One: Complete Your Page


Creating your company page takes some initial investment of time, but is easy to maintain once you input all essential information. Filling in all the information on a company page may seem unnecessary. After all, users can just learn about your company by visiting your website. 

However, LinkedIn data shows that pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views than incomplete pages. That’s a huge increase in your brand awareness on LinkedIn.

Your company profile picture should feature your company logo and the cover photo should reflect who you are as a company. It could feature your product, employees, workspace, or anything else that tells the user a little bit about your company. Using colors that differ from the LinkedIn platform can also help your page pop and grab users’ attention.

Always complete the About section on the company page. Here, you can include a general summary of your business, your mission, values, goals, or any other information that would be important to your audience. This is also an essential place to include keywords or terms that LinkedIn members can search by.

It’s also important to keep all organizational information up-to-date so users have access to accurate information and know how to contact your company. A call-to-action button can also be a great addition if you want users to visit your website or take another action when they visit your company page.



Step Two: Be Active


A well-done page is a great first step in establishing your company credibility on LinkedIn; but, in order to establish credibility with LinkedIn members, it’s important to maintain an active presence on the platform. One of the best ways to do this is by posting regularly. 

Posting “regularly” can mean something different to every company depending on your audience and capabilities. But, keep in mind that companies that post weekly see a 2x lift in engagement with their content, as reported by LinkedIn.

You can keep it interesting by posting a variety of content including static images, videos, graphics, documents, employee spotlights, live videos and more. Posting a variety of content will keep users engaged in what you have to offer.

Producing content is often a stumbling block for companies that are just getting started building their LinkedIn page, but it doesn’t need to be. Content posted to LinkedIn doesn’t have to be new and original every time.

Try reposting content from a different platform, summarizing an existing piece of content from your website, or posting a follow-up to content you’ve already put out.

When producing new content, consider how it can be broken down into multiple posts. Otherwise known as “repurposing content.” Additionally, you can schedule page posts through a variety of third-party apps to save yourself time managing the page.


Step Three: Build a Community


Posting regularly doesn’t just help establish your company’s role as a thought leader, it also gives users the opportunity to interact personally with your company. When users comment on your post, respond! Replying to comments is a simple way to show users that you care about their opinions or concerns and are prepared to discuss them. 

Personal brand relationships are becoming increasingly important to today’s consumers and continue to influence where consumers make purchases. Creating a strong presence and establishing a community on LinkedIn is your chance to get ahead of the curve.


How Your Company Page Affects Your LinkedIn Ads


Boosted posts are one of the first ways a company can start building increased brand awareness and draw more LinkedIn members to its page. Boosting a post allows a company to share a popular piece of content with an audience beyond their current followers, opening up the door to more followers and potential customers.

Posts that have already gotten some level of engagement are the best to boost because they have gained social proof through likes, comments, and shares. In order to have these types of posts to boost, a company page must already be actively posting. If followers are engaging with your content, you’re more likely to start off strong when boosting that content.

Additionally, your company page can affect users’ interactions with promoted ads generated in Campaign Manager. If a member hasn’t heard of your company or had a personal experience with your brand before, they may choose to visit your company page to learn more about you.

They’ll want to know that your information is up-to-date and that your page has recent posts where they can get a feel for whether your company is legit. If the company page is inactive or out-of-date, users may not have a positive impression of your company and may be less likely to take action with you in the future.

When an ad shows up in a user’s feed, it shows the company page follower count under the company name. Building your page to increase followers will boost that number and make your company and product appear more popular. A higher follower count increases your company’s credibility and instills greater confidence in your target audience.


In Summary


Although it requires an initial investment of time (and some weekly posting), creating and maintaining your company page is an essential step of establishing company credibility on and off LinkedIn.

Set some time aside this week to work on your company page—get the information up to date, make a post, reply to some comments, and start building that social credibility.

What have you done to keep your company page updated and interesting? Share with us in the comments.

And if you want to generate more sales conversations with your ideal prospects, apply to work with our team at B2Linked. We’ll help you craft and execute a custom-tailored LinkedIn Ads strategy that’s fit to meeting your unique goals for the platform.


Written by Shannon Ashton