What makes an offer a high-performer on LinkedIn Ads?

This one principle has helped us generate leads for our clients at costs that break LinkedIn Ads benchmarks.


The Journey


Early on in B2Linked’s history, our team partnered with a big company that sold HR software to tech companies. The client’s goal: Generate a high volume of qualified leads at a low target cost.

They had about four eBook offers that were tailored to their target audience, so we decided to test between all four to see if one would generate a higher volume of leads at a lower cost in comparison to the rest.

Three months passed. We tested different headlines, intro texts, imagery, etc. But no matter what we did, we couldn’t generate leads below a CPL of $127. Ouch…

So the client created a brand new offer—an eBook titled “The Definitive Guide to Onboarding.”

We approached the promotion of this offer no differently than the ones before it: similar imagery and ad copy. The result? Click-through-rates tripled and conversion rates doubled.

Overnight, we dropped the client’s CPL from $127 to $29—a 77% decrease.



The Big Revelation


The moral of the story is this: The format of your offer—in whatever form it’s presented—doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that your offer doesn’t just solve a headache problem, but a migraine problem.

(We first discussed this concept in a post about how to execute a demand generation strategy on LinkedIn Ads. If you’re interested, give it a read!)

The previous four eBooks we promoted were relevant to our audience, but they didn’t solve a pain point so excruciating that the masses were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the answer.

The fifth eBook did.

Onboarding was a major pain point for those in HR at the time. This offer was our client’s solution to an age-old problem and it built a lot of trust between them and their audience.

Note that this doesn’t just apply to lead generation either.

Promoting a newsletter that offers helpful tips? What about trying to grow your Company Page following, YouTube subscribers, or podcast listeners? Even directly promoting your company, its products and services with the expectation of generating sales corresponds with this principle.

Whatever you’re promoting needs to address a major pain point and the value of opting in needs to be far greater than any level of friction required to do so.


Your Offer & Your Messaging Go Hand-in-Hand


But this idea doesn’t just stop at your offer. Your ad copy also needs to clearly communicate how your offer is the solution to your audience’s pain points if you want to generate the desired results.

We wrote a post several months ago that offers 6 tips to elevating your LinkedIn Ads messaging. For more on how to improve your ad copy, check it out!




To reiterate, the secret to high-performing LinkedIn Ad offers is to promote something that solves, not just any challenge your audience struggles with, but the one that keeps them up at night—the one they’re desperate to solve.

Your offer needs to solve a migraine problem, not a headache problem.

A simple way you can find out what these pain points are is to simply ask your current customers or your sales team. This should give you the insight you need to craft relevant and compelling offers and messaging.

What offers have you run in the past that were successful? Why were they successful? Comment below!

And if you want to get more sales opportunities with your ideal prospects but don’t have the time or expertise to manage LinkedIn Ads yourself, book a discovery call today. We’ll help you build, execute, and manage a LinkedIn Ads strategy custom-tailored to your unique needs.


Written by Eric Jones

Eric Jones - B2Linked