LinkedIn Advertising Account Management

LinkedIn Ads produce amazing results.


But, they cost a premium and the platform is not like other platforms. This makes them risky to attempt without understanding the tricks and pitfalls.




B2Linked has managed over $150M in ad spend, across 400+ ad accounts, and in about every industry you can think of. Over this time, we’ve developed winning strategies to get the most performance for your dollar on LinkedIn.


We manage the largest accounts on the platform, as well as many of the smallest, and everything in between. We’re eager to bring those enterprise-level strategies and experience to your business, no matter the size of your account.




Starting management fees are $3,000/mo USD.


Experience the B2Linked difference in your LinkedIn Ads initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Working with B2Linked Work?

We ask you to bring the landing page(s) and imagery and we do the rest. Here’s what we do (all with your feedback and approval):

  • Design advanced audience targeting using our expert understanding of LinkedIn’s targeting
  • Write ad copy for your review/feedback based on the principles that we know work
  • Design and execute AB tests so you’re always learning about what drives your audience
  • Monitor the account daily for both performance and budget trajectory
  • Report weekly and monthly on progress/learnings to keep you in the loop
  • Provide support any time you need us

You Own your Data

With us, you own your own account and we’re just stewards of it. We even work in tandem with your other agencies to assist them together. We won’t act competitively as some agencies do.

What Makes B2Linked’s Strategy Special?

We specialize in performance on LinkedIn Ads. No matter your budget size, we get the most performance possible out of it!

We’ve cracked the code to scale on LinkedIn Ads too. When our strategies show incredible results that you want more of, we’re often able to double your results without losing efficiency.

What Kind of Reports Can We Expect from B2Linked?

Our proprietary reporting system is able to deliver insights that you can’t get anywhere else.

Each individual ad is tagged so we can trace the performance of each ad, all the way down to the closed deal. There won’t be any guessing about LinkedIn’s impact on your business.

We provide reporting insights that you can’t get from LinkedIn like:

  • The specific companies are engaging with your ads
  • The seniorities and job titles respond best
  • Which offers get your audience to convert
  • The exact ad copy that gets the best response
  • Which images best garner attention from your ideal audience

You won’t get “massaged” data from us – we give it to you straight and make recommendations for improvement, and you won’t have to babysit us.

What’s the Catch?

When you’re advertising with us, there are no “gotchas” or hidden fees. There are no limits on the number of campaigns or ads under management. Whatever it takes to get you success, we do it.

We ask for an initial 6-month test, and then our agreement goes month-to-month after that.

Our average account sticks around for over a year. We take care of you and we’ll be excited to prove it.