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5 Whether you’re a seasoned LinkedIn Ads pro that could use a second set of eyes, or just getting started on your LinkedIn Ads journey, consulting with our experts is the most powerful key to unlocking wins in your advertising strategy and tactics. 

When you book a session with us, we want you to get as much value out of it as possible. We invite you to:

  • Invite your internal team
  • Record for internal review


During our sessions, you’ll get straight answers, and you’ll get them fast. We share everything that will help you and we don’t hold anything back. We cover whatever you need help with and can speak to anything from your offer to your landing page experience, and everything in between.


When you book your sessions with one of B2Linked’s directors, you get direct access to our most highly-trained and experienced staff who work in a variety of LinkedIn Ads accounts every day. They know all the tricks and secrets.

If you need the highest-level of help, you’ll want to book your sessions with the LinkedIn Ads master himself, AJ Wilcox. (He’s my boss and will probably be reviewing this copy 🙂  He’s the founder of B2Linked and has managed over $135M on the platform.

2 Hour Bundle with a Director: $1000 ($500/hr)
5 Hour Bundle with AJ Wilcox: $5000