Grow your sales pipeline with thought leadership Videos

Create scroll-stopping, high-converting video ads in less than 30min/month

Video Ads on LinkedIn are the highest-performing ad format. Plus they are the key to making an emotional connection with your Prospect and getting them to KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST you.

But video is so expensive and difficult — you have editing, equipment, actors, and even renting studio time. It’s best left to Enterprise-level companies, right?

NO! Video does not have to be complex and expensive.

Your prospects don’t want to see another dry, professionally-made voiceover video. They’ll ignore it. What they want is to make a personal connection with someone like them.

That’s where B2Linked comes in.


Your own personal 1:1 video coach makes you look amazing

You’ll work directly with your own personal video coach.

As you record, they’ll give feedback to get the very best performance and make you look like the rockstar you are.

They’ll help you with your script, lighting, video, audio, and anything else that might come up.


simple Onboarding process

1. First, you complete the onboarding questionnaire so we can learn about you and your brand

2. We have a quick clarity call to understand your responses.

3. We schedule your first 30-min recording session with your personal video coach.

4. We get to work on the production, and within 3 business days, VOILA! You’ve got professionally-produced video content that’s optimized for demand-generation.

Your videos are ready to be used in your ads and posted on LinkedIn.


Video Examples