B2Linked Pricing

We have 2 main services we offer:

Account Management – We manage your account for you

Strategy Consulting – We train you how to manage your account better

Account Management

This is what 90% of our clients select, and probably where you’ll want to start. You’ll prefer this option if you need optimal results, fast. With our experts at the helm, you’ll learn faster and be more efficient as we’re in the account daily, testing and finding opportunities.

We know how to avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities in your advertising FAST.

Our expert account management starts at $2,500/mo USD. We charge our performance fee based on a percentage of your advertising spend. 

Then, as your spend increases, the percentage that you pay us decreases since we’re able to find efficiencies and get economies of scale.

When you’re ready, Contact Us below to get started. 

See what’s included in your management investment here

Strategy Consulting/Training

Your team is running your own LinkedIn Ads, but you want to make sure it’s done right? You’ll want this option.

Depending on what you need, you can book meetings with either an experienced B2Linked director, or AJ Wilcox our CEO.

We encourage you to record these sessions for internal use, and you can invite any internal team members to it.

You can purchase:

  • 2 Hour Bundle with a Director: $1000 
  • 5 Hour Bundle with AJ Wilcox:  Fill out the contact us form to get pricing and availability.
  • Guided Management Program: Fill out the contact us form to get pricing and availability

(In-person workshops/training can be done for an additional fee.)

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Get more details about what’s included in these consulting sessions here.


Let’s work together to make you the hero!