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  • A Certified LinkedIn Ads Partner
  • Extensive experience managing the largest spenders on LinkedIn
  • Wide ranging experience creating tailor-made, successful strategies for advertisers of all sizes
  • Get highly detailed reporting down to the ad element level in a platform that is notoriously hard to track
  • Spot trends fast to capitalize on successful maneuvers or make quick course corrections
  • Track and attribute spend and results all the way down to the bottom line
  • Accurately measure the quality of your leads

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows advertisers the ability to target based on nearly all of the attributes of a professional’s LinkedIn profile. On top of this, we as professionals keep this source updated as a reflection of our careers and personal value. This means that advertising on LinkedIn becomes surgically accurate and allows you to reach prospective customers in ways not available from any other source.

Whereas intent-based targeting focuses on someone’s intent right now, LinkedIn’s audience-based targeting is exactly the opposite. You get your message out to the people who are the most qualified to buy. It’s a completely different side of the coin, but it generates prospects that have a higher propensity to convert deeper down the funnel, making them more valuable.

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