You’re missing out if you’re not using LinkedIn Ads to drive new business. Here are 3 reasons why:




LinkedIn has over 310M monthly active users and about 900M total global users. LinkedIn collects data on each user about their job and skill set, making it one of the largest (if not the largest) database for work-related demographic information.

And get this: it’s all available to advertisers for creating pinpoint-accurate audience targeting. While other platforms allow you to target by interests or consumer behavior, LinkedIn allows you to target based on a person’s job title, company industry, years of experience, level of seniority, etc. It’s a goldmine for B2B advertisers—Really a no-brainer.




Maybe you’ve heard that LinkedIn Ads are expensive. This is only half true.

According to our own research, though we typically see front-end costs (such as clicks) ranging between 3 – 5x higher on LinkedIn than on platforms like Facebook, by the time they shake out into a Cost per Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) on the back end, they’re typically less than half the cost compared to Facebook. This is because lead quality is so much better coming from LinkedIn and this is, again, attributed to the platform’s powerful targeting potential for B2B marketers.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this post on the costs of LinkedIn Ads for a couple case studies.


Consumer Mindset


Users don’t log in to LinkedIn for the same reasons they log in to other social media channels. They don’t typically come to LinkedIn to be entertained or to spend leisure time.

Instead, they come to learn something new, to find solutions to their problems at work, or to create/nurture meaningful professional connections. This means LinkedIn users are likely in a mindset where they’re willing to buy from companies they know, like, and trust and that they find real value in.


Are LinkedIn Ads Worth It?


In our experience, there’s no other digital ads channel that can connect B2B marketers with their exact audience, at a time when they’re in research/buying mode, and do so at an optimal cost.

Is there anything you would add to this list? What successes (or challenges) have you seen running LinkedIn Ads? Comment below!

And if you want to optimize and scale your LinkedIn Ads for efficiency, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it, consider booking a discovery call with us. LinkedIn Ads is all we do and (after 12 years) we’ve become masters at our craft. We’d absolutely love the chance to get to work with you!


Written by Eric Jones

Eric Jones - B2Linked