Maximize Your Return by Minimizing Waste from LinkedIn Ads

After auditing 800+ LinkedIn Ads accounts, we’ve found one common theme: Wasted ad spend. B2B marketers need to cut the waste from poor targeting, bidding, and campaign setup in order to maximize their return on the platform.

Discover how much you can save with B2Linked.

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Are You Losing the LinkedIn Ads Game?

You’re given limited budgets, then feel the pressure from higher-ups to make every dollar count. You can’t justify spending any more without proving ROI. And even if you do see a return, margins are miniscule because of how much was invested along the way.

Most ad agencies, freelancers, and in-house marketing teams talk about getting a return from their digital advertising efforts, but lack the process and tools to reduce wasted ad spend along the way.

At B2Linked, we’ve developed five core principles to reduce waste and maximize return from your LinkedIn Ads account.


Audience Micro-Segmentation Strategy

By segmenting your audience into multiple campaigns, we capitalize on those segments that are generating the most positive results at the lowest costs.

Advanced Bidding Techniques

We monitor and make bidding adjustments daily to optimize towards the lowest possible costs for your target audience, and stay up-to-date on constant changes within the platform.

Proper Campaign Setup

We avoid the settings LinkedIn enables by default—notorious for resulting in high costs and poor results—and methodically structure your campaigns to optimize for better performance and deeper insights.

A/B Testing Strategy

We test your campaigns, ads, and offers for the combinations driving the best results, and track every unique ad’s performance through advanced url parameters.

Ad Scheduling

With our proprietary tools, we find which times of day and which days of the week your audience is most engaged with your ads and schedule them to run during those times.


Recommended Partners

LinkedIn Certified and Best-in-class fulfillment.

Detailed Reporting

Track sales all the way down to the specific ad.

LinkedIn Expertise

We’ve managed 5 of LinkedIn’s top 10 largest accounts in the world.

sales qualified leads

Expert targeting that drives the highest-quality leads possible.


“B2Linked is a really good investment. Acquiring their services really made our business a lot more efficient. It allowed us to scale our ads, as well as our company’s growth. [Their] extensive knowledge was an asset, and we appreciated the security of having them as a partner.”

Bistra Angeuelova

Digital Marketing & User Acquisition, Hired

“The time invested up front with the B2Linked team significantly cut down costs in the long-run, and has already resulted in a 10X ROI for our business. We will continue to lean on B2Linked as a consultative resource and can’t recommend them enough!”

Megan Nivens-Tannett

Founder & CEO, Flourish

“I’ve really enjoyed working with [the B2Linked] team. Their approach to campaign architecture and audience targeting makes a lot of sense. We’ve been happy with the results as we’ve scaled up our LinkedIn program.”

Grant Hibbert

Director of Marketing, Qualio

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– AJ Wilcox, Founder & CEO