It’s not news that the “promote free gated piece of content to cold audience” tactic is not the silver bullet advertisers once thought it was.

Advertisers are becoming more creative and strategic thinkers when running LinkedIn Ads.

And we are so here for it.

LinkedIn advertisers (ourselves included) are constantly being challenged to rethink what a “good offer” looks like.

So what is a good LinkedIn Ads offer? Let’s dive in 🤿


What is an Offer?


First, let’s address what we mean when we say “offer”.

Your offer is the thing you’re promoting combined with your call-to-action (CTA).

It is one of the biggest drivers you have in building affinity and trust with your target audience.

Though your offer can include a lead magnet, like an eBook or webinar, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to these assets.



What is a Good Offer to Promote on LinkedIn Ads?


Here are some other examples of high performing offers:


  • A relevant and high-value podcast with the CTA to subscribe
  • Your LinkedIn company page, where you frequently post helpful and educational content, with the CTA to follow
  • An ungated case study, showcasing how you solved a major pain point for your customers, with the CTA to book a call
  • Customer testimonials with the CTA to book a call
  • Your business, its products and services, with the CTA to learn more by visiting your website
  • And so much more


Note that the best offers are those where the value a consumer would be getting outweighs any level of friction required to act or opt in.

Your offer, then, should change depending on where your customers are in their journey. (For context, see this post on how to create a holistic LinkedIn Ads strategy).

For example, in the Awareness Stage, you might consider promoting your value proposition with the CTA to learn more by visiting your website.

You could then retarget website visitors and those who performed chargeable clicks on your ads with something like an ungated case study with the CTA to book a call, in the Trust Stage.

In this case, even though your messaging in the Awareness Stage may be considered “low funnel”, your offer is not, because the friction of visiting your website is so low compared to the value your audience can receive by educating themselves about who you are and how you can help them.

In the Trust Stage, the CTA to book a call may not appear as daunting because this isn’t the first time your audience has heard of you.

This is an extreme example (in execution, you may need to run more of a variety of offers and have more touchpoints before your audience is ready to book a call), but you get the idea.

Think outside of the box when considering which offer(s) to promote on LinkedIn Ads.


Our Offer (See what I did there? 😉)


It’s an exciting time to be a LinkedIn advertiser.

If you want to jump into the channel but don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself, consider booking a discovery call with us.

We’ll build, execute, and manage a custom-tailored, holistic LinkedIn Ads strategy for you to maximize your ROI, all while simultaneously reducing LinkedIn Ads costs.


Written by Eric Jones

Eric Jones - B2Linked