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LinkedIn Ads Are Better than Facebook Ads for B2B. Really.

#LinkedInAds Did You Know? Did you know that despite LinkedIn Ads costs per click averaging 3-8X more than #FacebookAds for B2B, they result in average Cost Per SQL that are HALF of Facebook? In Facebook, the magic is in the machine learning finding the right people,...

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LinkedIn Ads Group Targeting is Almost Too Powerful

#LinkedInAds Did You Know? Did you know that on LinkedIn Ads you can target the members of certain groups?! (Facebook advertisers are salivating right now) When you target by job title, you can get access to people based on their role (obvi). When you target by skill,...

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LinkedIn Ads Company Exclusions are Powerful!

#LinkedInAds Did You Know? Did you know that on LinkedIn you can exclude specific companies from seeing your ads? Click fraud is such a problem for everyone in Search. When I used to run Google Ads for clients, it was so upsetting when competitors searched for their...

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