Just getting started with retargeting on LinkedIn Ads and your audiences are too small to run?

While audiences are too small or building, I suggest combining ALL of your warm audiences possible into a single campaign. (Website Retargeting + Company Page Visitors + Single Image Engagers + Video 50% Viewers, etc).

That way you get a large enough audience to show to so you can start advertising sooner, and you’re not paying too much for each interaction (SUPER small audiences will make you pay out the nose).

Once you get large enough retargeting audiences built, then split them out into separate campaigns.

Beastmode Strategy:

Once your audiences are large, you can go BeastMode! Try splitting the retargeting audiences by recency.

For instance, run the same ads to your Last 90-Day audience (excluding your 30D) as you run to JUST your 30-Day. How different are your CTR% and CvR%?

I’m going to guess that the 30D is going to perform better because of recency, but HOW much better? If it’s WORLDS better performance, maybe it makes sense to break your retargeting audiences up granulary by recency. If not, I’d suggest keeping them together to keep things simple.

You never know what incredible performance levers you’re going to find until you test!

What results have you found in your retargeting testing? Have you tried going BeastMode?

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AJ Wilcox
Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast, Founder B2Linked

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