📈 As part of a new series, I’m going to be doing some deep-dives into LinkedIn Ads metrics that you’ll want to understand. 📈

We’re starting with one that you think you already understand, but I’m about to blow your mind.

A “click” means something very different in certain campaigns and objectives. It can lead you astray if you don’t know the nuances.

For instance, if you’re running any type of Sponsored Messaging campaign, a “Click” is actually an “Open” (which carries a VERY different level of intent, in my opinion, than a click on a Sponsored Content campaign.) So if you’re looking over your performance across multiple ad types, the data won’t be useful.

Here’s how to properly analyze performance:

In Campaign Manager (Not Preferred🥺)

If you prefer to stay in Campaign Manager, you can use the dropdown “Columns: Sponsored Messaging” to see the “Sponsored Messaging Clicks” column.

The column “Click to Open Rate” is the CTR of how many people ACTUALLY clicked on your CTA after they opened the message. Much more accurate in reflecting how compelling your message is to your audience.

I recommend you base your calculations and actions off of those metrics instead. Because if you calculate a conversion rate from your Opens instead of your Clicks, you’re going to be VERY disappointed.

This does mean you’ll need to do these calculations manually since there isn’t a way to create your own calculated columns in Campaign Manager, hence why I don’t recommend staying in Campaign Manager, especially if you have more than a few campaigns.

Exporting to Excel (Preferred😁)

My personal favorite is exporting your ad data to Excel, especially if you have many active campaigns in your account. This is going to be MUCH easier to do these calculations and compare them across your account.

When analyzing anything related to clicks (Clicks, Clickthrough Rate, Cost Per Click, etc) across multiple ad formats, I use this definition for a click: Click = ( “Clicks (Sponsored Messaging)” + “Clicks” – “Opens” )

What This Formula is Actually Doing

This takes all the Sponsored Messaging clicks, (which only exist if the format is Sponsored Messaging), and adds all other clicks. But then since an Open is also counted in LinkedIn’s “clicks” metric, we need to subtract Opens.

Then base your CTR and CPC off that Clicks definition. That gives you more meaningful metrics across all the ad formats.

Comment below if there is another metric that you’d like to see a deep dive on!

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AJ Wilcox
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