Finding a noticeable gap between #LinkedInAds clicks and clicks in Analytics? Worried you might be getting ripped off?

Don’t worry – this is normal. You can mostly fix it.

The main causes are:

1. Your pages are taking too long to load, especially on mobile. If someone clicks your ad and is waiting longer than 1 second for it to load, they’re hitting the back button. (Even if they’re on mobile and only have 3G service).

When they hit Back, they won’t register with your Analytics tool. You paid for them to come, but they left with no value.

Get your webdev involved – they can minify scripts, resize images, simplify plugins, enable caching, etc. Get those landing pages loading fast and watch your traffic stay.

2. You left LAN turned on

I hate to say it, but our studies show that LinkedIn Audience Network traffic is mostly bots 🙁 So disable it if you don’t have solid strategic reasoning behind why you’re using it.

Bots come in all shapes and sizes, but some are headless (meaning they won’t process javascript so invisible to Analytics) but they will count as a click.

3. Your Cookie Acceptance banner is too easy to deny cookies

If they click Deny Cookies, then they’re nearly invisible to Analytics.

I’m no GDPR authority so consult an attorney about this, but I’ve seen cookie banners that were almost encouraging me to deny cookies even though I’m usually willing to accept them. I’ve also seen them where it was so much easier to accept the cookies and move on.

I suggest one that is large enough to cover the content, with the acceptance button being the easiest choice.

What other reasons can you think of?

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AJ Wilcox
Host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast, Founder B2Linked